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• Interlocks are the most effective DWI sanction.
• Interlocks are the most cost-effective sanction.
• Most DWI Fatalities are caused by First Offenders.
• 50-90% less recidivism than license revocation.


Dr. Roth is a retired physics professor who has been a citizen lobbyist for effective, cost effective, and fair DWI laws since 1998.
He has gained national and international acclaim for his innovative ideas that led to adoption of New Mexico's Ignition laws, with the help of State Senators; Phil Griego, Kent Cravens and Ken Martínez.
He has been a DWI research consultant on three contracts to evaluate the effectiveness of New Mexico's ignition interlock laws.

Dr. Roth is the Executive Director of Impact DWI, Inc., a community action and advocacy organization with the mission of reducing drunk driving and raising community awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse in New Mexico. Impact DWI was founded in 1999 in Santa Fe and became a 501c(3) tax-exempt corporation in 2005.

The purpose for this website is to have all Dr. Roth's research data available to those interested in the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and fairness of ignition interlocks as a sanction for DWI offenders.

Dr. Richard Roth PhD - 2300 West Alameda, Unit D4 - Santa Fe, NM, 87507

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